Used HPLC Equipment

How much does used HPLC equipment cost?

The costs of a HPLC can arrange between € 10.000 - € 25.000. It is important to know what kind of HPLC equipment you seek. The price for an older system (used HPLC equipment) is cheaper than of a younger model. Also their are differences in the kind of brands (Agilent, Shimadzu,Thermo Scientific and Waters)

What is HPLC instrument?

Liquid chromatography is performed with an HPLC system. The moving phase (eluent) is pumped under high pressure through a highly packed column. The pressure can be up to about 200 bar for normal HPLC.

What are the uses of HPLC?

The basic purposes for using HPLC are for identifying, quantifying and purifying the individual components of the mixture. A HPLC is generaly used in field of biochemistry an analytical chemistry. 

How does a HPLC works?

How does a HPLC looks like?




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